Crime Policies

The Average Company Loses 6% of Revenues to Crime

Crime or Fidelity insurance covers losses due to theft and embezzlement, forgery, counterfeiting, computer fraud, and criminal dishonesty. Prudent businesses should secure crime insurance to protect themselves from employee theft, or exposure to outside theft of valuable data, money, inventory, or other assets.

Businesses with cash on hand, or that conduct transactions via wire, POP systems, online, or electronic funds-transfer are exposed to crime risks that could lead to expensive lawsuits and bankruptcy. Crime insurance aims to protect businesses like yours from dishonest predators, or current or former employees who are often the culprits. Crime insurance can protect your business against rogue employees who know your businesses weak spots.

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Businesses of all types need property insurance, but not all policies provide the right coverage for the hazards that threaten your unqiue business. Do you know if your current policy requires you to value your property with one of the above mentioned valuation methods? In many cases, if your policy has a coverage limit that is less than 80% of the accurate value, you could end up receiving far less than you would expect at the time of a loss (coinsurance clause). As a prudent business owner, we welcome you to a free personal consultation with one of our specialist insurance agents. Your agent will learn about your business, discuss your personal concerns, and identify risks that could impact your business. Boynton Insurance Group will help guide you to an insurance carrier with a program specifically for your type of business, and an agent will help you customize your insurance coverage to best protect your company from major property loss and business interruption.