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Flood Insurance

Do You Have Flood Insurance? Flood damage is normally excluded from home and building policies.

  • Floods are four times more likely to occur than a fire.

  • Floods can occur anywhere, even outside identified flood plains.

  • Beachfront structures account for only 3% of all flood losses.

  • There is a 26% chance of a flood occurring in a hazard zone over a 30-year mortgage.

  • 35% of all claims each year cover property located outside high-risk areas.

  • Of the 10 million homes in high hazard areas, only about 25% are covered by flood insurance.

Flood damage is excluded from homeowners and commercial building policies. If your property is in a flood plain, you may be exposed to a large financial loss as a result of flood damage.


A flood insurance policy defines 'flood' as a temporary condition of inundation of normally dry land areas from overflow of inland or tidal waters, or the unusual and rapid accumulation, or run-off of surface water from any source, including mudslides caused by flooding.

Flood insurance provides limited coverage for basements and other enclosed areas beneath the lowest floor. Structures other than buildings, including fences, retaining walls, walkways, decks, driveways, and patios are not typically covered by flood policies.

Federally insured flood insurance policies are made available through independent insurance agents, such as Boynton Insurance Group. In 1968, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established to provide property owners with insurance protection for flood loss, and encourage those communities to enforce measures that reduce flood loss in high hazard areas. Over 18,000 communities have instituted zoning and building ordinances to comply with the National Flood Insurance Program, and property owners in these communities are now eligable to purchase flood insurance.

Best-in-Class Insurance at Unbeatable Pricing!

Boynton Insurance Group has partnered with best-in-class insurance providers to provide the best coverage at the best prices. Check it out for yourself now!

Property owners with buildings in hazard areas should consider purchasing flood insurance. Low hazard areas are also at risk, and discounted rates are available. We can help you access this federal program to help cover your property from the risk of flood damage.

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