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Garage & Repair Insurance

Are you a repair shop owner or manager? Does your business need an insurance tune-up?

You may be the next generation of a family owned service station, a one-man shop with loyal customers, or a mechanic moving on from a dealership or franchise looking to start a business. You’re a hard worker and want your customers to come back and ask for your honest assessment when they hear a clatter under the hood or a warning on the dash lights up. But what if you get into an accident while test driving your customer’s car, or your roof collapses in a storm totaling all the cars in your shop. Serious accidents happen, and when they do, you want your customers to be confident that your business has the coverage to recuperate a loss. As you build your customer base, ask yourself, “What kind of disasters could stop my business in its tracks?”

It’s a hot summer day and your phone is ringing off the hook with customers whose cars are breaking down. Tow trucks are pulling up one after the other, and you call up all your part time mechanics to help manage the crazy day. All of the sudden an oil can catches fire and your employee burns his arm trying to put out the flames. Your phone rings and a police officer tells you that your other employee had a serious accident while test driving a customer’s vehicle, which has now been totaled and towed to the junk yard. Your customer is furious when he hears what has happened, and worse yet, you have two employees in the hospital with serious injuries. You receive a letter from an attorney claiming you owe $200,000 to replace a damaged antique car. Your agent explains you only bought the minimum workers compensation limits and health insurance will not cover the bills. Do you have enough garage keepers coverage to cover your customers cars? Did you buy an umbrella? These costs could start coming out of your pocket.

Service stations and repair shops experience these disasters every day resulting in business failure and bankruptcy. As a garage owner, you want your customers to be confident in you, while you build your business and expand your customer base. Boynton Insurance Group has been in business since 1919, and our Garage Program Insurance Specialists can point out the benefits of coverage designed specifically for your business. We offer affordable insurance options to meet your needs today, and in the future as your business grows.

Most garage owners will protect their business with the following coverage:

Garage Keepers Coverage

Garage Liability

Business Income Coverage

Garage Keepers Coverage protects your customers’ vehicles when left to you to repair, service, park and store. This insurance helps protect your business if one of your customer’s vehicles is stolen, damaged in an accident while test driving, or if there is a fire in your garage. Consider how many vehicles your shop usually has in its care and the total value of those cars. If a serious accident happened, would your business have the proper coverage to bail you out?


Garage Liability will cover your business if an injury is caused as a result of the service or repair to your customers’ vehicles. This coverage will also protect your business if an accident stemming from your business causes damage to another vehicle or a nearby property, including if you rent your garage and it is damaged from a fire or collision. A prudent garage owner knows there are many risks involved in everyday business, and adequate insurance protection is a necessary part of keeping a good shop.

Business Income Coverage protects your business if your garage is damaged and can’t operate until the damage is repaired. Your expected income will be paid by the insurance company until you can get your garage back in business. Business Income is typically coupled with Extra Expense coverage which pays for the continuing and extra expenses to keep you in business. This can include notifying your customers of a temporary relocation, getting your tools and equipment to a nearby garage, and the increase in rent at the short-term worksite.

Best-in-Class Insurance at Unbeatable Pricing!

Boynton Insurance Group has partnered with best-in-class insurance providers to provide the best coverage at the best prices. Check it out for yourself now!

Boynton Insurance Group will help you identify the specific risks to your business and find solutions for managing and transferring those risks to a leading insurance company that specializes in auto repair shops and service stations. We can help you secure your insurance from a price competitive insurance carrier that knows your business and is driven to earn your business. Our agency can provide various types of insurance for your business, including Garage Liability, Workers Compensation, Tools and Equipment, Business Auto, and more. A detailed and custom review of your current coverage, business operations, and plans for future expansion will guide us toward insurance strategies to protect your business. Our Garage Program Insurance Specialists are ready to work with you and provide personal consultation to tune up your insurance package.

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