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HVAC Insurance

Are you a plumbing contractor, HVAC contractor, or both? We can fix the leaks in your coverage.

You might specialize as a furnace or boiler mechanic, installer and repairer of air conditioning and ventilation systems; you might be a local handyman, or just thinking about starting your own business. You trained diligently to learn your trade and every day you are faced with fierce competition by other contractors who try to underbid your proposals by cutting corners. Your customers know you as an honest, thorough and dependable resource when services such as the ones you provide are needed. You look forward to the day when your business name is renowned in your local community, and you can wake up to new referrals and well paid jobs each day. But what if you get sued by a General Contractor for allegedly defaulting on your contract, or while wrapping up on your most recent job, an employee is seriously injured by an electrical burn and your business doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for the medical expenses. Serious accidents happen, and when they do, you want to know your insurance advisor prepared you for such disaster situations. As you take on new contracts and your business gets more complicated, ask yourself, “What sort of calamities could flush my business down the drain?”

You wake up to your phone ringing; a general contractor is screaming through the phone claiming all of the contractors on his job site are getting sued by the project owner for hundreds of thousands of dollars. You jump out of bed, grab your keys and speed off in your truck to see what has happened. As you pull up to a major intersection, the car in front of you stops short and you slam into the back end of a minivan. You quickly exchange your information with the driver, who says she’s driving to the hospital next to get her sore back checked for injury. As you pull up to your jobsite, you notice the house has ruptured in one corner and a burst pipe is gushing water all the way down to the $20,000 AC unit installed just the day before. The property owner is furious and the general contractor explains that his best estimate of the damage is nearly $300,000 and resulted from faulty installation by one of your employees. Worse yet, the homeowner claims the damage caused at least another $200,000 in damage to her antique furniture, artwork, and custom cabinetry. After a quick phone call, you discover from your agent that your policy has cancelled because your office manager forgot to pay the last bill. You may have to cover this catastrophe out of pocket, and your business will have to shut down indefinitely while you sort out this mess. Could you have prevented this disaster by having a trusted advisor prepare you for this huge financial blow?

Plumbing and HVAC Contractors experience these disasters every day resulting in business failure and bankruptcy. As a contractor, you want your fellow contractors and customers to have faith in you and your business, while you work hard to secure new contracts. Boynton Insurance Group has been in business since 1919, and our Professional Plumbing and HVAC Services Program will provide you with a review of your coverage needs and allow you to discover affordable insurance options especially for your business.

Most plumbing and HVAC contractors will protect their business with the following coverage:

Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds will be important for your business as you enter into new contracts. Your business will likely enter into a contract that requires you to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project. These types of bonds are commonly used in the construction and repair of homes and commercial properties, and typically cover the payment of labor and materials that you committed to fulfill as part of your contract. If your business becomes insolvent and can no longer pay for your employees to complete the job, or pay for the materials to finish the job, your surety bond will compensate for the monetary loss. Whether you are very familiar with surety/performance bonds, or just learning about them for the first time, our team of Contractor Insurance Specialists can help you find the bond necessary to execute your new contract.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance is an important coverage for your tools, equipment and supplies moving from site to site. Your business equipment might be one of your biggest investments, and you rely on having your tools and supplies for every job. Frequently, these items are stolen while stored at job sites, or supplies are damaged while being transported or installed. While this coverage is relatively inexpensive, Inland Marine Insurance is essential for plumbing and HVAC contractors who have truckloads of tools, equipment, and supplies.




Business Auto Insurance will be an integral part of your insurance package. This is often the most expensive policy in your insurance budget, and potentially your business’ biggest exposure to risk. You might have only one truck, or a fleet of five vehicles or more. When these vehicles are on the road, and buzzing around in the busy season, all sorts of accidents can happen amounting to hundreds of thousands of damages for bodily injury and damage to other’s vehicles. We will help you find a suitable policy that will protect your business while your trucks are on the road. Drive Other Car Insurance is designed for executive officers and their spouses while using a non-owned auto for their own personal use; you will need this if you don’t have a personal auto policy and plan to operate a vehicle other than one owned by your business. Hired and non-owned auto coverage will protect your business if an employee gets into an accident while using his own vehicle in the course of business, or when you rent an extra vehicle for the busy season?

Best-in-Class Insurance at Unbeatable Pricing!

Boynton Insurance Group has partnered with best-in-class insurance providers to provide the best coverage at the best prices. Check it out for yourself now!

Boynton Insurance Group will help you identify the specific risks of your business and find solutions for managing and transferring those risks to a leading insurance company that specializes in Professional Plumbing and HVAC Services. We can help you build a customized insurance package with a wide selection of price competitive insurance carriers eager to bid for your business. A detailed and custom review of your current coverage, business operations, and plans for future expansion will allow us to determine options and strategies to protect your business. Our Plumbing and HVAC Insurance Specialists are ready to work with you and help guide your business toward a successful future.

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