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Landscapers & Snow Plowers

Are you a landscaper or snow plow contractor? We build perennial relationships with our clients.

You may specialize in hardscaping, tree work, seasonal cleanup, excavation, or just thinking about starting your own operation. You work long hours, tirelessly searching for new customers and networking with fellow contractors, hoping one day to cultivate well-paying jobs that renew each year and feed your business with referrals. But what if you get into an accident while driving to a new job site, or after your truck finishes plowing a commercial lot, a bystander slips and falls on a patch of ice and sues you for negligence. Serious accidents happen, and when they do, you want your customers to be confident that your business is well insured and that you have a business advisor that knows you and your business? As your company grows and you take on new contracts, ask yourself, “What kind of unexpected disasters could mow my business down?”

It’s an early spring morning and your entire fleet is already on the road. Your pulling up to the drive through to pick up a coffee when your phone starts ringing off the hook. The car in front of you stops short while you’re turning down the radio, and your truck totals the back end of a small sports car. Your phone rings; you pick up and an employee tells you the crew hit an irrigation line at one of your most valued job sites. The property owner is furious when he hears what has happened, and worse yet, your best employee was seriously injured by the bursting pipe. You receive a letter from an attorney claiming you owe $60,000 to repair the sports car, $40,000 to replace the pipe and your employee will be in the hospital for several more weeks and could be permanently injured. Your agent explains you only bought the minimum workers compensation limits and health insurance will not cover the bills. Did you buy an umbrella policy to cover your liability? Will your business be able to sustain itself without your key employee or the loss of your best account to one of your competitors and OSHA investigating your business, ruining your company’s reputation. Could you have prevented this disaster by having a trusted adviser explain how to better insure for this type of financial catastrophe?

Landscaping Contractors experience these disasters every day resulting in business failure and bankruptcy. As a landscaper, you want your customers to be confident in you, while you build your business and take on more work orders. Boynton Insurance Group has been in business since 1919, and our Landscaping Services Program will provide a customized assessment of your coverage needs and help identify affordable insurance options to meet your needs today, and in the future as your business grows.

Most landscaping and plowing contractors will protect their business with the following coverage:

Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for your day-to-day work, which may involve heavy machinery, power equipment, pesticides and powerful fertilizers. When injuries do occur, they can be catastrophic. Our network of Landscape Specialist Insurance Carriers keep medical expenses under control when a work related injury or illness affects you or an employee. Occasionally, business owners opt out of coverage for themselves, but this can be one of the most inexpensive solutions to insure against disabilities, while protecting your most valuable asset, your income. We will introduce you to companies that offer competitive premiums just for landscaping businesses.

Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance will be an integral part of your insurance package. This is often the most expensive policy in your insurance budget, and potentially your business’ biggest exposure to risk. You might have only one truck, or a fleet of five vehicles or more, with trailers, tractors and heavy equipment. When these vehicles are on the road, and buzzing around in the busy season, a whirlwind of accidents can happen amounting to hundreds of thousands of damages for bodily injury and damage to other’s vehicles. We will help you find a suitable policy that can provide options such as glass, personal items, tools, GPS and electrical equipment coverage. Drive Other Car Insurance is designed for executive officers and their spouses while using a non-owned auto for their own personal use; you will need this if you don’t have a personal auto policy and plan to driver another vehicle. Hired and non-owned auto coverage will protect your business if an employee gets into an accident while using his own vehicle in the course of business, or when you rent an extra vehicle.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance is an important coverage for your tools, equipment and heavy machinery which are often moving from site to site. Your business assets were an extremely expensive investment, and your daily operations rely on having your equipment ready to use at your job sites. Property could be stolen, damaged, breakdown or be vandalized, causing your business to stop in its tracks. While this coverage is often relatively inexpensive, Inland Marine Insurance is a crucial policy for landscaping and plowing contractors.

Best-in-Class Insurance at Unbeatable Pricing!

Boynton Insurance Group has partnered with best-in-class insurance providers to provide the best coverage at the best prices. Check it out for yourself now!

Boynton Insurance Group will help you identify specific risks to your business and find solutions for managing and transferring those risks to a leading insurance company that specializes in your type of business. We can help you build a customized insurance package with an array of price competitive insurance carriers eager to bid for your business. A detailed and custom review of your current coverage, business operations, and plans for future expansion will allow us to determine options and strategies to protect your business. Our Landscaper and Plowing Contractor Insurance Consultants are ready to work for you and help guide your business.

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