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General Liability



Workers Compensation

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Professional Liability

Laundromats Insurance

Are you the owner or manager of a laundromat? Does your business need to clean up its insurance?

You may be the next owner of a family owned laundry mat, the owner of busy metro dry cleaning business, or someone trying to open a new business. You are a hard worker and your attention to detail keeps your customers coming back time and time again. But what happens if one of your employees spills the dangerous cleaning agents? Or if an accident destroys your store? These types of accidents happen and when they do, you need to be confident that your business has the right coverage. As your business expands and your customer base grows, ask yourself, “What kind of disasters could put my business through the wringer?”

It is turning out to be another busy day for your dry cleaning store. Customers have been coming in to make drop offs and picks ups all day long. Not to mention that your delivery driver hasn’t had a break today. All of the sudden you hear a crash in the back of your store. One of your employees knocked over several large containers of cleaning supplies and you notice that they are leaking and mixing together. Your employees, your customers, and you begin to feel light headed and have to evacuate the store. When you get outside you get a call from your delivery driver and he informs you that he has been in an accident. The car is totaled and all of your customers’ clothes have been destroyed. Do you have enough coverage to get your store cleaned up? Do you have a business auto policy, or coverage for your employees’ injuries? The costs of these incidents will start adding up quickly.


Property Damage Liability

Business Property

Loss of Use or Business Income

This particular type of insurance covers the cost of damages to someone else’s property that you cause. If there is an accident at your store that destroys your customer’s clothes, this policy has you covered. If you are washing your customers’ valuable suits and formal wear, the cost of replacement could be thousands of dollars per suit.

This policy protects your business property: your store, equipment, inventory, signs and even your furniture. If there is a major accident in your store then your business property may need to be replaced. If you don’t have the proper insurance then these costs could come out of your pocket.

A natural disaster could not only damage your business property, it could prevent your business property from operating for some length of time. While your income is halted, your expenses keep coming. This policy gives you the money you need to keep your business running following an accident. It covers moving expenses and provides the cash you need to pay your regular expenses.

Best-in-Class Insurance at Unbeatable Pricing!

Boynton Insurance Group has partnered with best-in-class insurance providers to provide the best coverage at the best prices. Check it out for yourself now!

Boynton Insurance Group will help you identify the specific risks to your business and find solutions for managing and transferring those risks to a leading insurance company that specializes in laundry mats and dry cleaners. We can help you secure your insurance from a price competitive insurance carrier that knows your business and is driven to earn your business. Our agency can provide various types of insurance for your business, including Business Property, Workers Compensation, General Liability, Property Damage Liability, Business Auto, and more. A detailed and custom review of your current coverage, business operations, and plans for future expansion will guide us toward insurance strategies to protect your business. Our Laundry Mat and Dry Cleaning Insurance Specialists are ready to work with you and provide personal consultation to clean up your insurance package.

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