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Getting the right insurance coverage is the key to keeping your business safe and protecting your assets against any future threats.


general liability insurance

General liability policies are not typically that expensive compared to many other types of insurance, but this insurance coverage should be core to your business' insurance portfolio. Our agency has an industry specialist for your type of business who will help you find a competitively priced policy including coverage specifically tailored for your line of work.

If you own a business with vehicles, you most likely have a business auto policy. A commercial auto policy will protect your business in the event that you or one of your employees has an accident in a business owned vehicle. We will help guide you to an insurance carrier with a program specifically for your type of business.
workers compensation insurance

Workers Compensation not only provides medical benefits and wages to employees who are injured or contract disease while working, but also protects employers from severe and potentially bankrupting law suits. Our agents and representative carriers can work with you and your workforce to provide education about work place safety and emergency response.
professional liability insurance

Our staff includes professional liability experts who can help your business construct a customized policy to suit your organization’s needs. We will analyze your business, suggest insurance solutions, implement the most suitable insurance coverage, and track your insurance policies to ensure that your business is protected from lawsuits.


auto liability insurance

If you own and drive a vehicle, you most likely have some kind of auto policy. An auto liability policy will protect you in the event that you or a member of your household gets into an accident in your vehicle. We will help guide you to an insurance carrier with a program specifically for your vehicle and insurance needs.
homeowners insurance

Homeowner's insurance is one of the most important types of coverage for an individual. This policy protects your home from damages and disasters that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair, and seriously harm your financial stability. Our agents and representative carriers can work with you to find the solution that best fits your budget.


life insurance

If you are a spouse or parent who is supporting your family through salaried employment, you need a life insurance policy. Life insurance will provide financial restitution to your family in the event that an accident occurs that causes you to lose the ability to work. We will help guide you to an insurance carrier with a program that will best protect your family from financial ruin.

Life Insurance

disability insurance

Disability insurance is yet another crucial type of coverage for anyone who is supporting a family. If you become sick or injured, and this prevents you from working while increasing your spending on medical bills, disability insurance can give you the financial stability you need to maintain your family's lifestyle. Our agents and representative carriers will work with you to find the coverage that best fits your needs.

Disability Insurance

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